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Ungkep Green Chilli Chicken Recipe Specifically Patients With Hypertension

February 17, 2015
As the title suggests, Ungkep green chilli chicken recipe specifically patients with hypertension. Recipes chicken ungkep is indeed different than usual. Because no other than, this recipe is specific or presented special for those who suffered from hypertension.
For patients with hypertension and several other harmful diseases, food is indeed often became one of the hot topics are often discussed. Not for the hobby, but rather because of the many delicious meals being abstinence. Never mind enjoy mencobapun should not be. As for some of the menus that are permitted occasionally feels less appetite, or even tasted awful.
Well, to address this, cooking experts, nutritionists and health experts that it does matter, constantly doing various experiments and testing against various cooking recipes. This is not another in order to give opportunities to the sufferers of dangerous diseases, to be able to feel this brings a diversity of food, without having to compromise their health conditions.
And one of the results of the experiment is a ungkep chili chicken recipe special green hypertension sufferers would we said it. Well, without wasting any more time, let's get on with it, we see the green chili chicken recipe ungkep hypertension sufferers special here.
The First Preparation
Materials needed:
1 tail (500 g) skinless chicken, cut into 10 parts
3 pieces of Orange leaves, discard bones were
1 stalk Lemongrass, take the white part, and then finely sliced
2 fruit acid kandis
250 ml water
3 tbsp corn oil, for sauteing
The seasoning paste:
6 green chilies, seeded
4 pieces of onion
1 cm ginger
turmeric 1 cm burn
1 cm galangal
1/4 TSP pepper powder
2 roasted pecans, grains
How To Cook:
Heat oil, then Saute seasoning smooth until aromatic. Next enter the chicken and stir until color changes. After that add the acid kandis and water, then cook until the chicken is cooked and the seasoning infuse. Lift up, then serve. Chicken and green chili special with ungkep hypertension is ready to be enjoyed.
Easy isn't it? Now you don't need to, because although cems contracted serious illness though, anyway you can still enjoy the dish is good split olives ... yum.

Here are 5 of the most famous Coffee Variants in the world

February 17, 2015
Drinking coffee, is an activity that always made the human race on Earth. In Indonesia even in the whole world all love coffee. It is true that coffee alone can change a person's mood, both enjoyed while socializing with people, meeting in the Office, doing business, hanging out with friends or as a media looking for inspiration.
For coffee lovers, you must know several types of processed coffee that must be your new favorite besides just coffee sachets you seduh. So here we'll give info on a wide range of processed coffee as Your reference material.
Here are 5 of the most famous coffee processed will be delicious.
Is one type of coffee drinks are very popular for some many coffee connoisseurs in parts of the world. But when viewed from the texture of this coffee is very common form just as it is in the form of a regular black coffee mixed with granulated sugar. But surely this type of coffee using the coffee quality types like types of arabica and robusta coffee.
Caffe Latte
This one's kind of coffee should be served with hot water mixed with milk. Takarannya must fit, roughly 3-to-1. But it should be noted also Legionnaires level water used to make this type of coffee is processed. Because it will be damaging content of milk in it.
This coffee is a coffee type most favored by many coffee lovers around the world. It also seems that fits in the tongue because it is not the presence of bitter taste but the aroma and fragrance of the coffee remains that it generates can tempt taste buds. For this type of drink is usually served in hot or cold conditions.
Cafe Mocha
This type of coffee is the most widely sought after by the womenfolk since it has the taste of mocha is so powerful when drunk. Coffee made from coffee Lattes and capuccino collaboration was then given a little chocolate syrup is giving rise to a unique flavor but certainly still has a distinct pleasure.
Cafe Macchiato
For this type of coffee is indeed equally delicious with a cappuccino coffee, but the most dominating is the coffee rather than a mixture of milk. So the kopinyalah flavour of the most keenly felt on the tongue.
So the 5 types of processed coffee is the most famous in the whole world. Has a unique taste, aroma and distinctive, seductive texture. Make anyone who drank it will give rise to a sweet impression. In addition to coffee is also capable of being one tremendous spirit as well as the giver of brilliant ideas.

Here's A Recipe To Make Pizza Ala Italy

February 17, 2015
Pizza is a meal made from textured flat bread form the circle as well as the existence of diverse toping sprinkles decorate the dough on it. This food is very popular all over the world. Even in Indonesia alone, much to the meminati of one of Italy's specialties.
Actually to be able to enjoy this pizza is very easy, simply call or visit delivery directly to the restaurants, you can enjoy a snack without hard-hard to make it on their own.
But for this time, we offer for those of you who want to try making this delicious pizza alone is sufficient notice and follow every step by step we will give a special for you.

OK, just we prepare all the necessary ingredients for making pizza. As for the ingredients as follows.
Pizza Ingredients:
250 g plain flour
3 tbsp cooking oil
Liquid milk
Chicken eggs
3 tbsp butter
grm 4 instant yeast
Toping Materials:
Meat cingcang
Tomato sauce
3-4 sausages, cut into pieces
1 egg
2 pieces onions
1 piece of bell pepper, seeded and cut into pieces to form the box
1 stalk spring onion finely sliced
2 plum tomatoes, cut into thin strips
If all the material has been prepared, we now proceed to begin processing all such materials.
First input the flour and butter then stir until blended, then add the oil. Stir again until well blended.
Put the milk and eggs, then stir again until it turns into a soft dough, then let stand 15 minutes, with cloth napkins in closed containers the batter last.
Pour the oil into a frying pan, then FRY the onions, garlic, egg, tomato and bell pepper until done, then combine slices scallion, let stand briefly until fragrant smelling pan-fried.
Raise bread dough that has been silenced during the last 15 minutes of the container into the teflon spherical, then flatten the surface of the dough with ditusuk-tusuk while the fork in order to expand.
Then rub the dough with tomato sauce until evenly, then sprinkle the ingredients that have been fried last above the surface of the dough and flatten, and flush again with the tomato sauce.
Last add the grated cheese and mayonnaise by exactly flush on top of pizza dough of yesteryear. Teflon cover and let stand for 15 minutes.
If you've seen mature or the batter changes color and textured padded. Then remove and serve in large plates or round-shaped lampan.
So the recipe to make pizza for this time. You can eat this pizza in the State is still hot or warm, because when it's cold pizza dough will be sluggish and hard textured. It is no good to eat.
Very good enjoyed with your beloved person or relatives, for sharing that beautiful.

The Original Recipe Makes Seblak Bandung

February 17, 2015
Of you may be new to this cuisine, one Seblak is the crackers accidentally dibantatkan. This food is very popular nowadays especially in Bandung, because from there the food was born. This meal is   actually a kind of culinary food service is most often found in the street vending or wheelbarrow.
Seen from the manufacturing process was not reasonable, because crackers are usually deep fried and crunchy-textured, transformed into forms such as stir-stir or wet pasta with a spicy taste. Seblak is actually not always using its main ingredient, as crackers could be varied with chicken claws or wings, sausage, meatballs and macaroni soggy. But for this time, we will use the main ingredient as crackers.
Here we will give you a little recipe how to make Seblak crackers which is certainly  tasty and have a taste that is spicy.
As usual we will prepare ingredients in advance, are as follows:
Materials make seblak:
100 grm crackers aci raw
Hot water
4 tsp salt
1 tsp bouillon powder
200 ml water
8 eggs chicken
1 tsp granulated sugar
8 Tbsp cooking oil
4 leeks, finely sliced
Seblak seasoning ingredients to mashed:
4 red-tomato fruit
4 pieces of pepper curls
2 cm in size kencur
20 cloves garlic
12 pieces of cayenne pepper
If all the ingredients are ready, then we have to do all the materials to cultivate living into one.
The boiled crackers with hot water to the Pan or skillet until tender. After it was adopted and then drain.
Blender or spice up all the ingredients ulek crushed and finely textured.
Heat oil in frying pan, Saute frying spices last stir until blended and the fragrant smell
Put the egg. Stir until the egg disintegrates and well blended with herbs of yesteryear
After seasoning has a fragrant smell, then input the crackers along with tuangi with water. Next sprinkle the grams of sugar, and powdered broth. Saute all such material to seep into the crackers. Add the sliced leeks, stir again until well blended. Then remove and serve with your favorite container.
How to make an easy, not to make it, the ingredients are also very easy once obtained in shops or stalls of vegetables. Seblak is most fitting be enjoyed whilst still hot or let stand briefly to warm. Fits all eaten on the weather right now, as the rainy season body warmers snacks, as well as pengobat hunger, of course.
Good luck and continue to follow recipes-next cooking recipes only here.

Vegetable Fern Lodeh Jajal Mandatory Typical Lombok

February 17, 2015
VISIT the Gili Trawangan, Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB), Chef Nanda Hamdalah, find food unique. The name vegetable fern sayur lodeh.
Chef Nanda pleaded this unprecedented finding food in other areas he   ever visited. "Time to Gili Trawangan I got the message rice seasoning, fish plecing, sayurnya vegetable and sayur lodeh fern. This is really unique, it is usually cooked with coconut milk no fern, "says Chef Nanda to via electronic messages, Tuesday (21/1/2015).
In General, continued he, sauteed and seasoned with fern way. However on Gili Trawangan, fern is treated as a vegetable sayur lodeh. In the call, vegetable fern lodeh consists of a mixture of coconut milk and ferns only.
Chef Nanda tells the story, he asked one of the seller and get answers that vegetable  lodeh fern is a typical food of Lombok. The seller even get a prescription from his parents fern sayur lodeh.
"Pakisnya length-the length and texture of a soft, but not benyek (soft-red). It was savory, "lid

The sensation of Fresh squid Satay at the beach Kakalapaan

January 6, 2015
Cuttlefish cooked with herbs, oyster sauce, sweet and sour sauce or grilled with balado seared spices? It's been commonplace. But what if Squid is served with grilled meat and dikerat-kerat, like sate.
Kang sea food stall on the beach Kakalapaan, Maman the   North coast line of Subang, West Java. The tempo is acceptable-tasting sate squid that tried to reveal the secret that makes kitchen Kang Maman sate cumi-cuminya taste good and delicious.
"Bumbunya is simple, just the salt and butter, but cumi-cuminya must be absolutely fresh squid," said Kang Mamang to Tempo, Sunday, December 28, 2014.
According to him, how to cook grilled squid is by mixing salt and butter used to smearing fresh squid. "It's seared in butter salt Seasoning into the middle of the baked squid prick over the coals not smoky," said Mamang who claimed to have had his business for 28 years.
Maman cuminya sate seasoning Anoints abstinence when the combustion process that produces smoke. "It's going to smell and aroma amisnya sepet remains noticeably," the chubby-bodied man jujar.
Maman cuminya mandatory Satay squid reminiscent of freshly coming from the melautnya fishing boats only count half days or the longest one day. "I never want to cook calamari brought from ships to sea for weeks, the result is definitely not good," said the man with the Javanese wordlists Panturaan it.
Taste the cuminya Satay is delicious and fresh-made Satay cuminya extraordinary behavior. On a typical day, Satay cuminya sold up to 25 pounds, but on a weekend or holiday sales reached one final, kuintal. "On a long Idul Fitri holiday holiday season 2014, Satay squid here ludes until a ton," he said.
Per one kilogram of squid are skewered with dibanderol Usd 80 thousand. From one kilo of Squid can be cooked into four skewers. That is, one skewer the squid equivalent of Rp 20 thousand.
The pleasure and the crispness of Satay cuminya be the fruit of the lips of travelers from Jakarta, Bandung and Cirebon. "The sensation of this squid Satay-very unusual. Make your tongue do not want to stop the swaying, "said Bestâ Besuki, travelers from Cirebon.
Bestâ who admitted this sea food-mad state that squid the most scrumptious Maman Kang who has ever felt. "It feels crisp and crunchy," he said while mencocol cuminya Satay with condiments sauce with sliced chillies, red stuff, and the juice of an orange limo that add aroma and increased appetite.
Other travelers, Abdurakhman reveals the Satay squid Kang Mamang absolutely delicious in every tusukannya. "Every JAB Satay squid is delicious and not a fishy odor that is important," he said.
Don't wait for Your curiosity. While the year-end holiday season, you could try  Satay squid this sensational, while enjoying the beauty of Kakalapaan Beach, Patimban, North coast line of earrings.
To achieve stall Kang Maman, from main line Pusakanagara Line, right at the crossroad turn left towards the market place Kakalapaan. Journey time is about 15 minutes from Pusakanagara, Subang. Happy end of year holidays.

Culinary Food Truck Festival Presents the largest 11 Trucks of food

January 6, 2015
The largest food festival known as the Food Truck held at Summarecon Digital Center (SDC) Serpong. At least 11 entrepreneurs food truck gathering all in electronic shopping center parking area this Sunday (7/12).
One member of the community expressed a Food Truck,   Vishnu Triatmojo, a culinary Festival using these trucks, the largest ever held.
"All the food trucks here from Jakarta. Usually the event we just managed to raise 5-6 truck, it can be 2 times, or 11 food truck parked here, "he said.
Call it a Food Truck Jakarta, Taco Truck, Pink Retro Kitchen, Food Truck, and a number of businessmen with food uses of cars and mini-buses, parking at the SDC to open their stands. A culinary menu  offered was varied, ranging from the typical menu of Indonesia until a menu typical of Latin America were presented.
Various car resembling a truck also lined up the mess at the festival location. Starting from the kind of Elf, mini buses, until regular car, converted into a Food Truck with mini kitchen in it.
"There is even a used bus mini Bus that was converted into a Food Truck. Very interesting and unique, "said Wisnu. To get a variety of interesting menu, visitors had to line up on the side of the truck to order and pick up food menu.
According to Vishnu, only 8 truck which parked, but due to the pelaksaan festival on the day of the first and second runs of success by presenting more than 5 thousand visitors in the last day, finally increased again by as much as three trucks.
Though the last day, the festival was held until the night of 9 pm or later.

Blue Marlin Satay So Culinary Sensations in Pangandaran

January 6, 2015
Chicken Satay, beef sate and goat are familiar to people because it is easy to be found in each  area. However, blue marlin fish Satay may only be found in the area of Pangandaran Beach attractions, West Java.
Nana Suryana, blue marlin fish Satay traders at Block D Pangandaran tourism market, confesses that the recipe that gets it when I was in College when he was walking to the island of Sumatra.
"This blue marlin fish Satay looks like chicken satay. But the difference in flavor is blue marlin sate of textures. To get a fish jangilus or blue marlin is not difficult, because in the many kinds of fish to Pangandaran, "said Nana, to HR Online, Monday (27/12/2014).
Whereas, for the price of one serving of blue marlin, Satay fish plus white rice and  vegetables typical of Pangandaran ditarip Rp. 20 thousand.
Economically priced, blue marlin fish Satay can be enjoyed, and Nana-owned Marlin Tavern is open every day from 12.00-21.00 pm

The legendary culinary Nasi Goreng Kebon Sirih Goat

January 6, 2015
For fans of fried rice in Jakarta, the name Nasi Goreng Kebon Sirih Goats are certainly not already familiar. Where to eat there are already more than half a century ago, to be precise since 1959. Fried rice in place of this one arguably his culinary evening in Central Jakarta.
A very simple place may make people who first visited this location  really wondering, fried rice goat termashyur it? But indeed that's how it is, there are no visual sighting or an imposing building that draws from denotes. It looks just like an ordinary pavement stalls are earthy and visitors were willing to enjoy fried rice in the middle of the open air or in the car.
So approaching the stall, the aroma of fragrant spices fried rice directly trough the nose. Reported by Kabarkulinercom, from Thursday (11/12/2014), Nasi Goreng Kebon Sirih Goats is not processed with herbs fried rice ala Java standard which usually consists only of garlic, onion, chili peppers, and soy sauce. Many say fried rice here it feels similar to nasi kebuli, even some are calling it feels closer to curry or rendang.
Each person can only differ in identifying the sense of Nasi Goreng Kebon Sirih Goat, depending on their respective experience in SIP taste. One thing that is undeniable is the spices that stand out in this cuisine. It looks like there are turmeric, cardamom, cumin, cinnamon, and clove that give a touch of color and aromatic, and helps eliminate odors prengus goat meat. No less important is the use of ghee.
Warung Nasi Goreng Kebon Sirih Goat is always crowded, but the buyer does not need to wait for orders is far too long. This is because the "fried rice cooked in a way that is quite unique. So go into the stall, could  look a large skillet with rice menggunung in it. Fried rice here is cooked in bulk, not one by one each of the portions. For each order, the waiter left take from the pan. Magical gorengnya seasonings, rice can be mixed with blended. "The meat was tender and could not smell prengus. But with such a mass Cook pattern is usually difficult to keep consistency or balance of seasoning.
When less satisfied, buyers could order another menu such as goat Satay as a complement to eat fried rice. Soft goat Satay combined with peanut and soy sauce that tastes sweet-savory.

Cooking Recipes Pudding Lapis Legitimate Copies

November 28, 2014
Cooking recipes instant coffee combined with fresh milk and other ingredients make a sweet and delicious dishes. Curious? The following recipe is  suitable for you try.
1 packet of ready-made lapis legit
Pudding Ingredients I:
600 ml fresh milk
40 g granulated sugar
1 1/2 packets of gelatin powder
1 1/2 tablespoons instant coffee
5 egg whites
1/4 teaspoon salt
110 g granulated sugar
Ingredients Pudding Ii:
300 ml water
50 g granulated sugar
1 teaspoon instant coffee
1 teaspoon of gelatin powder
1/2 teaspoon instant jelly
Sauce Ingredients:
500 ml fresh milk
75 g caster sugar
1/8 teaspoon salt
1 1/2 tablespoons cornstarch and 1 tablespoon water, dissolved for a thickener
1 egg yolk
1/4 teaspoon vanilla essence
The Way Of Processing:
Cut the lapis legit size 4x2x1 cm.
Tata on the baking pan 20 cm diameter 7 cm and height is respectively 2 cm. set aside.
The pudding I: boil fresh milk, granulated sugar, gelatin, and instant coffee while stir until boil. Remove and allow to warm up.
Beat the egg whites and salt until half expands. Add the sugar a little-a little while whipped until fluffy.
Stir in a little milk-stew a little while shuffled slowly. Pour   in baking pan which has been styled the lapis legit. Let the half frozen.
II pudding: boil water, granulated sugar, instant coffee, jelly, and jelly instant while stir until boil. Pour over the pudding i. Freeze.
Sauce: boil fresh milk, granulated sugar, and salt while stir until boil. Thicken with cornstarch solution. Cook until it explodes-letup. Turn off the heat.
Take a little dough. Add to the yolks. Mix well. Pour the milk mixture to the stew while stirring until blended. Turn on the fire. Stir until it boils again. Lift. Add vanilla essence. Mix well.
Serve the pudding with the sauce.
For 16 pieces

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